la la la la (:

ok,sally asked me to do this hahah. after reading her blog - my fingers are in the mood for typing,again! (copycat) hahaha.
1. boys boys boys <3>

and will kill you,if you like them after reading this hahhaha. actually for the gossip girl boys-i am a big fan of penn badgley,well the others are hot,but he is the hottest according to me though hehe (:
2. i'm scared of adapting-hahah believe it or not,i hate making new friends,thats why i always stick to my now friends hahhaa.but you know soon or later i have to face it haha.

3. i love trips to europe (:

4. my bests are the bests you wish you could have (:
5. i'm afraid of karma !
6. i love boys who wears skinny-straight jeans-those jeans,are a major crush.
7. dressing up is what i live for
8. i'm loud but nowdays i'm kinda scared of hurting other people's feelings,so i guess im gonna keep my mouth shut.
9. i love my life.
10. the greatest achievement in my life is having friends like my friends,i cannot imagine life without them,they put a smile on my face e v e r y-single-day.i love them so much,and i wish we could stay friends until we're like 90 or something. i love love love love love love love you guys so much,smoochhh!
i guesst that's enough.
i wish him the best of luck,and well... the best of luck with my mom hahhahha