it stands for Saint Theresia Presents Love and Sense of Humanity.
i thought,i would be like the previous SPLASH 2006.
but hell no,it's more fun,and people actually come.

it's sssoooo fun,oh my God.
now my grade,and the 8th grade are really close to each other.
we danced together,took a picture together,we actually had fun with each other.
but i wanted sally to be there too,but yeaaaaa...... i donno where she is.
we went to mcdonalds ber-18 and we were so noisy,everybody was starring at us.

and yea the labelstuff. my dance group,won the competition for SPLASH 2008 and tarakanita lima asked us if we would like to perform at their school for tarlim cup,and of course we said yes. D'OH tarlim cup gichu loch..

well enough for now.


Avenged Sevenfold story

well. jessica me sally devita.

we are not an avenged sevenfold fan.
well we are cos sin and shdw and zackie-----------is lovable. heehhe
well i don't know most of their songs.
dear God,is the only one i think.

M. Shadows was really nice to us.
but sin and zackie are such snobs. but whatevs,me and sally were recorded with SIN'S CAMERA.
whatever too tho.
but i had so much fun waiting for them.
jessica was so crazy.
devita was laughing
i was laughing too.
and of course sally's the one who always cracks the funniest jokes ever,i love her ;)

see ya sooon.




wish me luck.

i wanna meet them.

clarine :)

desperado for good

can a girl dream for a great relationship with a guy?
can a girl dream for a great guy?
can a girl even (can) think of a guy that would never cheat on her?

---- guess,it doesn't work with me.

i don't know what should i call it. cheating--- or whatever.
but it just hurts my feelings. i tried to be the best,i tried to be..everything.
but it was not enough.

4 hours ago you told me that you're jealous if one of your friends texted me or called me.
4 hours later, i was crying for you.
craving crying,yea right.

good great cheapo me.

what can i do now? i'm so confused.
neither one of you are serious.
should i move on? i want to. but it's too hard.
should i hang on? i want to. but it's too hard.

ok end of boys topic.
start : family drama.

maybe i should start writing a book about my life. even a movie could do. great!
it's full of 4 words : d r a m a.
got kicked out.
and well lots lots lots more----and i don't want you guys to know about it.
horrible things happened to me.
well,i really try to forget. but what can a child do? we can't just erase our memories.
bad bad bad memories with our beloved mother.
or maybe you don't know (bad memories) with you mummy.
that's great. lucky you.

well that's enough for today.
nap time.

bed time wish: Please. do something. Text me tomorrow. Call me tomorrow. Miss Call would be great. i need to talk.

i need my mates,sos.




i'm confused.
i just talked to andrew-bolly about this....... omG-i-don't-know-thing.

j or j.
they're in the same school.
they're not in theresia.
they are taller than me.
both of them are indonesian.
------ good.

j or j.
the first j---or should i say the handsome one?
he's kinda weird.
but he told the other j that he likes me.

the second j--or should i say the nice one?
he's really nice to me.
and he's funny,and charismatic.
but i'm so confused.
he's in love with another girl...

I'm in deep shit, i guess.

they are all coming to splash i hope. the second j is coming. he texted me just five minutes ago,and told he that he was coming and hoping to see me. and for the first j.... nevermind. he's going to slip out of my mind,soon or later..

Thanks bolly :)




haiaaa. i'm sick sick sick (cuma flu doang sih haha)
i hope today is not the last day of fun --- altho my midsemester is gonna have lots and lots of yellow things :'(

oh my oh my,yesterday. i played volleyball with 'the ohmygosh guy' oh myyy...
sally should have been there! sheess.

i lost.
volleyball-sanmar cup.
natasha was such a ruiner! she sucks,and she joined the volleyball extra;just to loose weight. is she stupid? playing volleyball does NOT make you loose weight. ah Goshh.....

i'm tired and bored.
so ttyl gotta do my homework! :'(


lostprophets. i l o v e y o u

i know it's too late. but i friggin' love them so much.
i just wished i was a fan,back then.

bali bali bali :D

i had the best day in bali.
with adito,john,ditya,and allegia.
they were so fun to be with.
we sunbathed,we watersport-ed. it was really fun. tho it was so friggin tiring at the same time.
but i guess everybody enjoyed it.
i'm gonna upload the pics,when i get back to jakarta this saturday.

i'm really gonna miss bali for sure tho.
and mirella too :(
it wasn't THAT fun without her.
she's the most fun person,in jis hehehehhe. sorry mennn.

WELL DEAR YOU NEVER MET HER BEFORE......................................
IF SOMEBODY WROTE IN THE MAGAZINES THAT FERGIE-FERG PEE-ED IN HER PANTIES... CHILL! that's their job. and like please. your waaaaaaay to dumb.
you don't know everystep every private fucking life,they been through.
that's just what they tell to the public face.
so you told me that you know everything about them...... well you're so fucking wrong...
but whatevs. i don't give a frock!

bye slut.