The Plans

So im bored right now. Really-really bored. Anyways here are the plans for today.

Go for an ouchy wax.
Go to senayan city with Monica from JIS
Go to her house.
Exchange presents.

I cant wait to meet monica. Havent seen her in months already. We used to be best friends. But we were torn apart i guess. Because i didnt have a lot of free time. So i couldnt sleep at her house every weekend anymore. But anyways. Childhood friends are the best :) Me Charissa Monica and her sister Tania even poisoned our piano teacher together haha. The piano teacher even had to go to the doctor haha. It was so fun. So i guess this is it for now. Maybe tonight i'll right something again.

See ya, Bitches.


New is the right word for December

Yeah baby!
Christmas is coming. And when we were kids,our parents used to tell us that Santa is going to give us presents,IF we are good. As kids we were too naif i think. We actly believed it. Oh poor us. Dangit folks,stop it. Anyways so now is the part where im going to brag about things to you. Now i present you my presents for this coming Christmas! Thankyouuuuuu Folks :)

A blackberry bold. My sister is going to get one.. So is my dad. And so is my mom.
This is kinda weird for me. Everybody is going to get the same phone.. Hm..
Yea, i wanted this phone for a month already. And my mom bought them yesterday,and got the internet service turned on today. So i can use the internet 24/7 Thankyou mommy i owe you a smooch. Love you always. And i am planning to make my dad buy me the cover of the blackberry bold. And since he is such a 'nice person' i asume he will buy me the cover with the swarvoski glittered on it. It is a little bit Paris Hilton,but whatevFrock - It's cool.

And then

A new camera for me. Its a 450 D canon. Cant wait to touch the friggin camera.
Thankyou again yo momma. Thanks for all the splurge. SMOOCH.

And the last one

is one of the newest ipod released,3 months ago i think. I couldnt find the picture. But i'll post which one,when i get the friggin ipod. Its from Antonio DasilvaCosta. Hehehe. Thankyou daddy for the ipod. And all the life saving this year i love you so much,Antonio 'Banderas'

I just want to slip a little bit of yesterday's Mother's day.
I gave my mom quite a lot of presents.

1. A bracelet from F'JL Bistro. And it was sooo not cheap. The bracelet is like mine. But my bracelet has a heart charm on it. And her bracelet has the octopus charm on it. And Charissa is so jealous. And im planning to buy her the bracelet tomorrow. I know im such a good sister haha im just kidding. But ya know i love my family,just cant help it. Lol

2. Bought my momma flowers. The flowers were quite big so yea it was a little bit not-that-cheap-flower. Roses and etc. (Im not a florist sorry to dissapoint) I loved the flower. I wish my future daughter would give a shit for mother's day like me hehe. I love you momma ;)

3. Then i bought her two cds. I know that she likes this band called The Ting Tings. The Ting Tings is a band from Manchester. I love the band so bad. And everytime i put their cd inside the radio. My mom always sings along. And then she told me 2 days ago. 'I wish i have The Ting Tings' cd in my car. But where to buy ya?' And i was like CHA-CHING! That has to be one of the presents. And the second cd was the soundtrack of MAMMAMIA. As a teenager mom was crazy about ABBA and i thought it would be cool to give her the soundtrack. And she is so crazy about the soundtrack. Now i kinda regret giving her that cd. She's tone deaf for God's sake. And she sings day and night. But i love mommy's voice. Dont worry ma.

4. Bought her a cupcake. Only one cupcake tho. Cos i always have been told by mom herself that she always wanted to go on diet. So i guess a cupcake wont do any harm. But d'oh stupid me,she didnt eat it hahaha.

5. I made her this thing i wrote for the card. And gave her a copy of our pictures together. There was this picture. Me and my sister was naked. Well,sorry perverts we were still kids at that time. We dont take picture naked these days.

Anyways. Mom was happy. I was happy too. But wasnt quite happy. The total for all the splurge was more than a million. It was Rp 1.200.000,- but no worries for me. Charissa has to pay 600 thou. We kind of decided to split the ammount of money for the splurge.


My mom bought us a new apple computer that looks like an aquarium. I love it. But im still confused how to use it. And still pissed off because we lost alot of songs from the previous computer. We still have questions to ask. But sabrina has been an angel to me,she taught me some of the things. Thanks yo nina.

Well this is it for today.
Hope you guys are ok with it.
And sorry for the not-so-good-grammer. I am half asleep already.
Ok. Im taking a nap. (I sleep with my mom sometimes. That includes tonight)

Nightynight zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!


boo red and hoo ray

ah f you school. today we were planning to go to a jail for the naughty kids for charity. but when i arrived,my friends told me that it was canceled. and i think i nearly pop-ed an eye lol. i was quite excited for this program. and have been waiting for it. okay.. lets forget about it. and move on.

and then after that we were dragged to the computer room. and they told us we could play computer until 11 am and we were quite excited. and the internet was turned on by the teachers. and guess what.. 15 minutes later the teachers told us that we could only play there for 45 minutes. and 15 minutes just passed by,so it means we only have 30 frocking minutes left. and we were really upset,cos we're really tired from the retreat. and today we didnt have plans for anything. so after 45 minutes,the school bell rang. and we got out form the computer lab. and sat infront of the computer lab. we were so frocked up. and sally got this idea that we should go to yaya's house. and i thought the idea was brilliant! but poor us,the school gates are always on-guard by the guards (d'oh..) and the boys that wanted to go out side are not allowed to go outside from the school area. so yea we were trapped in that school. then bu endra our pe teacher told us that we have to go upstairs. and we went upstairs. and then i forgot what happened cos i slept haha. and then pak fendi our music teacher came. and we sang christmas songs. it was fun. me sally judith gita was really agresif. and we didnt have the greatest voice on earth. so we were shouting and didnt really care of the pitches and the high notes haha. anyways i had fun for a minute there. and then 11 pm came along. the school bell rang. we went down stairs. sally went home. and i was quite bored. i almost fell asleep on gita's lap. you have scoochy laps,git. and i love it lol. anyways we went upstairs to go to the bathroom. and i got a message from a local singaporean number. and only one name crossed my mind - Darlene. i got excited,wanted to know why she didnt participate the retreat. but boy i was wrong. she texted me the most important text of the month! Ipeka High or IICS known as a good international christian school accepted me. so i guess im going to move there for grade 10! oh yea. omg and i have to thank God. because he listened to my prayers. (i swear people,i pray to God,omg)
im like so happy today.

well thanks for stopping by and reading.

catch up later,folks.

beebye <3



altho it was a little bit boring there,it was tons of fun and i miss retreat so much.
it was great. anyways,lemme tell you about the retreat.

the first day - monday
we arrived at the place around 3 pm. while some of my friends took a shower. i went to my friends room and took some pictures,cos we were wearing the same tee shirt. an Obama tee. but evelyn wore a diff tee. she wore a white tee with a " YES, WE CAN!" writings on it. sally wrote it tho. we love the tee(s) thankyou sally ann :)
after that we all went down stairs. and we walked around for a lil' bit. and we went inside. and the first session began. it was so frocking boring. and the nun - is nuts. idt she's a nun. omg she yelled at us 24/7. we were stressed out. bored. and we were all waiting for snack time. so around 4-ish we all went to the other room and ate snacks. i love snacks,or at least i ate a lot of snacks there. i cant stand delicious foods,its my guilty pleasure lol :) after that the second session began. okay.. and we were bored,again. and then the nun (Sr. Magriet,OSU) taught us a dance. it was more like a praying thing or whatever than a dance. so while we circle around and move and dance,we were all praying. the first time we tried we were laughing,but then Sr. Magriet yelled at us. so yea we were scared. and we shut the hell up lol. then dinner time came around. we ate dinner and of course (greedy me) had two almost three rounds of dinner lol,but idc. then the third and last session for the day began. and there is this thing called GTM and the nun was so proud of it. GTM stands for Gerakan Tutup Mulut. so after the last session : reflection/praying. we are not supossed to talk to each other. after the last session we were all so tired and sleepy. we really didnt talk. well,we talked for a lil' bit. but not too loud lol. and then.. we slept.

the second day - tuesday
i woke up nearly six already. and d'oh im late. we actually are late. we includes me,sally,and tasya. since we're room mates haha. anyways Sr. Magriet protets about our late-ness i guess. but holy moly we tried. sucker. ok forget about it. its breakfast time. i enjoyed breakfast.. had two rounds of breakfast haha. and our first session for the day began. it was so boring. anyways im too lazy to explain every session and from now on when i write session. it means boo-ring! ok thanks. anyways. then came snack time. then came second session. then came lunch.. yum. they have pretty good cooks there. third session. snack time. fourth session. dinner time. and then we went to the chapel. we had to reflect,and we had to go back to the past and think of what we had done in the past. i cried. when the nun talked about moms. i felt really guilty. and me and friends hugged each other. saying sorry and everything, i love you bests :) and then after that GTM began. but me and sally cant sleep. so we talked for quite a bit. but then we went for beddy time.

the third and last day - wednesday
we woke up. late again. we're city kids,we are used to be late i guess. or we are trained to be late. the we ate breakfast. first session. snack time <3!. second session. lunch time. and then we said our goodbyes. and then we went home.

the ride from the retreat place to our school in jakarta was quite far. and it was like hell. the boys went crazy. and the girls were all screamy. and dude,someone smells like shit. i know who but i wont tell hehe..

anyways thats my story. i think its enough for today.
im sleepy
need to sleep
see ya
we'll catch up later <3
toodles! :)



Hey loves :) sorry for the previous post. i was bored haha.
anyways sorry for the late posts.. im getting bored here hehe :b

so lets catch up =)

last tuesday went to mulia with sally,jessica,devita,janice.
we were waiting for ava. ava stands for angels and airwaves.
not long tho maybe for like 15-20 minutes. and then they showed up.
we only took a picture with ATOM WILLARD the first time we saw them. because we were so slow haha. typical.. so here's the picture :)

this is the first picture. and well.. i look really holy craply ugly haha.

then we waited for 2 hours i think..
but sally had to go home,becos of her mom. and we told her 'omg sally.. why wasting these 2 hours of waiting? c'mon just stay for a few minutes.' but finally she went home :''''(((

FIVE MINUTES LATER ( i hate to say we told you so haha )

they poped out. first it was MATT WACHTER - he's was one of 30 seconds to mars member. but now he's with angels and airwaves as the bassist. as usual haha ;) he's a friend of jared leto so i've got to meet him. and i took 2 pictures with him. lucky me. thanks jan for the picts :)

woo i love him. he's such a good bassist. altho' i never listened him play for the angels and airwaves. and would love to but too late,i guess.

and then..
this hot tall guy showed up.. i'm like oh my God.. he's so tall.. he's so handsome..
i guess i always fall for the scruffy-tall-tattoo everywhere-guy.
and here's the pict. and oh im in love <3 and his name is DAVID KENNEDY =))))) and he rubs my back (NOT THE ASS) after taking this pict aww lovely.

see see see.. no stealing. he's my new hubby. ah of course before jared leto.
jared leto is like the best of the best. dangit! why do i have to fall for these guys. i know i will never ever get him haha. exept if i look like my maid. they all think maid looks are f ing exotic. well I DONT!
watevs tho.

and then.. lets see..
TOM showed up. he's tall too. but wait TOM who? TOM DELONGE from BLINK 182! a former vocalist of blink 182 to be precise.

he's such a snob. c'mon i know that your super FAMOUS! AND A LEGEND.. but cmon man look at your friends. theyr totally nice,and your not. and not to forget we did give your little girl ava a present. (Angels and Airwaves is named after his first daughter ava) and also we gave you this paper for you birthday. your early birthday. oh yea i forgot happy birthday Tom DeLonge.. haha.

but Jessica got a pict with him. altho he was half candid. but i like the pict :)
Lucky her. and im happy for her.

hmm.. lets see today is SATURDAY. moms sick. and im going out ................ haha. my sister is performing a modern dance for Vania's sweet seventeen. i guess i wish her vania and dinda the best of luck. lalala Happy Sweet Seventeen to vania tho :)

well i'll catch up with you guys again some other time. gotta go get ready.