I wasn't looking for this. What is this? I don't know.
You know i was doing just fine by myself, on my own.
Tell me how to stop this feeling.

I don't want to fall in love, i just want to have a little fun.
But then you came and swift me up and now our love is so done.
I fall madly deeply. I surprise myself enough to find that what has begun is love.
And now our love is so done.
I'm done.

I can't imagine right now, standing here, without you.
To think that I tried to ignore what i felt, what i knew.
I could never stop this feeling.

Thank you for not letting go, when i said let me go.
Thank you for timing.
Thank you for finding.
Thankyou for not believing me baby, when i said

I don't want to fall in love, i just wanna have a little fun.
But then you came and swift me up and now our love is so done.
I fall madly deeply. I surprise myself enough to find that what has begun is love.
And now our love is so done.
I'm done.

I wasn't looking for this. Now i'm done. I'm done.

you know this is you. ;)


Lady GaGa follows me on Twitter ;)

That is like, the coolest thing ever that has ever happened to moi!!
I didn't notice it though before Sabrina called-bbmed-msned me (sorry, i was still sleeping lol)
She's like a big fan of GaGa and i hope, GaGa will follow her too!!

It's almost 1 pm and i haven't shower yet. Yuck, i know! But i'm just too lazy!!
I'm going to plaza indonesia with Nina i think. We r both so dead bored. At least i am lol.


Yesterday i had the most fun phone call, i needed that so much. I laughed so hard!
Thank you so much.

p.s : i still have 2 whole months of holiday. i know u're jealous! lol.



too tired to edit it all.

I hope all of this pain pays in the end.
I sweat like cow, in great deal of pain.

My gym mate is the best! Would never trade her for any boy nor friend. And you should've seen her run! She goes zoooomm--- And puff, she got rid 80 calories. Yes people she's gooddd :)
Love you, Sabrinaaa. You're like this little Fah-gie in my world LOL!

Shiiitt. I have to go to the gym again tomorrow. F--- my personal trainer!!!!!
Exhausted for real!!!!

TTFN-TTYL, lotsa' loveeeeee


Cheers for the great tuesday <33

I'm loving it!
I had the best afternoon with a close friend. (ah you know what i mean ;) lol)
Then i went home with Sabrina. We stopped by my house - She met Pumba for the first time lol.
Then i went to Sabrina's house, i haven't been there since last summer.

Then we went straight to lunch at Koi.
After lunch we went to the gym. It was fun at first, we were listening to our ipods, running. But dude, after 13 mintues it became hell, we were sweating our butts off. We did a 20 mintues running cardio and 5 minutes of cooling down. We felt weird after doing those runs.
We took a break for a little while, and then we started using all of this gym things, and boy.. it's really hard. Gym took an hour and fifteen minutes i think. We hit the locker room, and then went zoom to Sour Sally.. YUM! :9

Dropped Sabrina off.
And went home.

This may sound ordinary to you.
But there's always a lesson to learn - It's not about what are you doing, It's about who you're doing it with <3




$ You answer a phone call from your boyfriend. Then he tells you ' Sorry baby, i can't be with you any longer, I'm on tour. I'm super busy, we don't see each other often and i just can't handle it. See you around.' and it only took him 27 seconds to say that to you, and then he cut the phone off.
$ You're ex-boyfriend who dumps you is in an international brother band that sells.
$You're ex-famous-boyfriend dumps you for a Brazilian beauty that stars on his new video clip.
$ You're can write a song about your stupid ex and it is the number one hit world wide.

$ You're only 19 and amazing things happen to you
$ You're the curly-blonde in Hollywood
$ Your name is Taylor Swift!

Joe jonas isn't the smartest of all Jonas
Lately i've been listening to her songs. And she's great. I would love to be Taylor Swift. :)


I'm so sick of stupid rumors going around about me.

She was never a close friend of mine. OK??
And now a few stupid people spread even more stupid rumors about her hating me!

But i guess, that's not gonna happen honey.
Why would she hate me? I mean COME ON! She literally never talks to me, and please i would be so carefree if she really hates me. She's a sweet girl, not some fake backstabber. And again, why would she back stab me? She's a normal-friend. This does not make any sense.

Stop spreading stupid rumors please.
You're just making me another hot topic.
Thank you though if you want to make me, that's very sweet.

*BTW- it keeps me guard late night thinking why would people talk about me and my relationship so much these days. Pfffttt like it's your business :p

i guess this is love talk.

a new quote has been discovered.

you have to kiss a lot of frogs, before you find the one that can turn into a prince
yes you have to do that ladies. don't listen to who ever you are used to listen about love.
because they can't judge love. especially YOUR LOVE

believe me i kissed (err...) a lot of frogs before i found my prince. well, d'oh! he's not a real prince you dummy. but atleast he makes you feel like you're the one for him. and you do too.
you can't really be sure, you'll be with him until the end of time. because, who knows? maybe another frince (frog turn prince) could hop his ass off and be the new prince in your heart.
but for now just imagine life with your frince. i'm sure you'll like it :D


Just got my nails done.
Chopped my hair.
Dropped 8 pounds.
I'm in love.
I've got funny pals.

This summer could not be better:)


So anyway.
I'm really tired. Like, really really tired today. I don't know why.
But i'm waiting for my step brother Jeremy and his friend JJ.
They arrive today from Bali. My dad sent them away, because they would've ruin my exam week, if they were here. lol.
But they are back.
This is weird, but i'm apparently i look forward, meeting them again.
Jeremy is really funny. He loves Indonesia so much. He even ink-ed a map of indonesia on his back. When he showed off his newest tattoo, all i can do is just open my mouth. He really loves this country! His older sister Tamara also has this 'Barong' tattoo on her arm.

Too bad- the age difference is very drastic.
But they are really nice though.
So whatever.


Btw i'm really looking forward for tomorrow.
I can't tell you how excited i am now.
I could start jump up and down right now if i think about it too much.


the truth hurts

thank you for being honest at least.

great summer

can't get over, how great summer is going to be.
me and nina bought pussycatdolls concert tickets and i give you my word, we are going to have so much fun. :)

tomorrow is the last day of final exam.
and you know the drill after that.

i just have one word in mind - SUMMER


see you later blog

not going to post anything good or new anytime soon.
too busy having fun, because it's summer babyyyyyyyyyyy


i'm so excited for summer

i have never been this pumped up before, about a summer holiday.
i am pretty sure, this summer it's going to be a blast!
when we finish our final school exam on the 20th, the first thing to do is

20 /05/2009
cut my hair.
i like it short like before. and it looks a bit crappy right now.

get a manicure-pedicure.
yes i know i don't have those perfect nails people have.
i have this creepy ones, but after not biting it for almost a week the nail has grown!

change my javelin back to bold.
since, i am totally bored with javelin, i decided that i want to change it back to my old bold.
i am really gravitating to bold right now.

go home and take a nap.
i need my beauty sleep, after three long nights before summer holiday begins.

21 / 05 /2009
it's a secret i will not tell here. i'll probaby just tell people in person about what i'm going to do that day.

the last official picture-taking with the whole class.
i'll miss some of 'em. really. and after taking a picture, some of us are going to dufan.
it will be the last blast we will ever have as classmates. that's pretty sad.


but before doing all the pampering, i have to get my hands dirty.
i really have to study for final exams - because i want my score to be over 70 at least.
i have my own reasons for that.

tomorrow is the last day of school for my grade - after tomorrow we will only have 3 days left
which is used for our final exams. and then puff! we're going to high school.
i really wish everyone nothing but good luck.

i love you all =)
study well.

p.s ilysm<3



you don't like me - i don't like you, it don't matter.
only difference you still listen, i don't have to.

i don't need you. you're a storm-stick.
i ain't perfect but you ain't either.

there's more in me than what you see.
you woudn't like me if i'm angry.

mr. photographer, i think i'm ready for my close up tonight.
make sure you catch me from my good side.

i just wanna be me, is your money in your pocket?
are you happy to see me?

kill the lights. take em out, turn em up, break em down.
kill the lights. don't be scared - make a move - see me now.

kill the lights. watching me - watching you.
kill the lights. you can't handle the truth.

what happened to it?
i killed the lights.


wednesday :D

well hello. this is er.. unusual.
i'm writing from my toefl and sat class (which includes a computer, d'oh) i thought we were supposed to start 4 o'clock. but the teacher just told me we start 4.30. ah smart driver.

today was ok.
as usual.

i had trouble waking up, because last night i stayed up real late. i don't want to do that tonight.
anyways i'm preparing for friday. major-big day. not coming to school. so tomorrow is the last day of school for me, this week. wish me luck.

everybody is very excited for promnight. but not me. i just can't figure why.



They should not have saved that stupid matt for another round. The guy obviously is a dumb ass. Thank God, America opened their eyes and got rid off him, when they still had time to.

monday i suppose

my mom is killing me slowly, i swear. she's getting on my nerves everyday. sometimes, i just don't want people to care about me. i don't need their attention. SO ANNOYING! lagipula it was a tiny mistake. terserah dehhhhh sebel!!!!!!!!!!

finally, i'm posting a new post. after almost 2 weeks yah? good. :D
i finished my national exam.

one down, two more to go.

right now, gw lagi ujian praktek.. finished the first day.
tomorrow is the second day and the last day, thank God.

abis itu kyk 'relax' a week. and then we fight again..................... my god, gk ada istirahat sama sekali. capekkkkk.
but i like going to school these days. gatau kenapa, sekolah jadi menyenangkan. and geez, i can't believe i just said that. :p

let's talk about facebook.
i'm so not into facebook anymore. the site is cool i have to say, but after a year or two, it gets pretty lame. and i hate the new look of facebook. it too... organized? yeah, i don't like that.

today, i planned to go on a diet. but failed for like the 4th time already.
tadinya sih abis main kartu, mau pergi ke pi mau beli salad buat lunch cieeeee. tapi ternyata malah pergi bareng2 ke mcd. hohhh.........
it was fun.

quoted from sabrina "mau main per per-an nih? serius?" JEDER hahahahahhaha sampe guling2 gw ketawanya. sumpah gw udah jarang banget ketawa lebay............... and for the record that was such a good laugh! seriously, itu ketawa gw yang bener2 seneng since march. mati gk... haha.
thankyou :D

i quote this from a very very good song of Fergieeeeeeeeee HAHAHAHHA
sangat nyambung.

who are you and what do you?
what makes you think you're above me?
but have you walked in my shoes?

i can't believe... i'm actually typing fergie in my post hahahahhahaahaha bercanda nin. :D

anyway, i guess this is it.

byebyeeee ;)