why do i always like guys who do not even know i am alive? this sucks.
but why do i always tend to hate guys who like me? (of course, their personality and looks are far below normal hahaha). 
life is not fair.


i know i've been a little bit of an emo lately. but dude, know i am the mood of brittany the cheerleader and i want to storytell!
so today i basicly was pissed off by my mama. she just yelled at me for the sickest reasons. nice one, ma! so then i was so upset and i did a few of my homeworks. ( what the..) so after that i had a very boring math and pyhsics lesson. i did what i have to do then somehow my mama changed her mind and told me to buy a sports bra, pe shorts and calculator in PI and i could meet her. so that was a pretty good sign already. but i didn't know that something really cool will ever, ever happen to me today. so after i accompanied here to lots of shops today, i was still mad. then somehow out of the blue she offered me a laptop. i was like.. hell no................. ok. well, no one can resist a mac. right? right? RIGHT? so, she bought me the old version because i did not want the macbook pro which is the new one (because i'm afraid the electricity in my house will make an electric shock - it's made from alluminium). i'm pretty satisfied right now! but now, i'm confused how can i connect to the internet. help anyone?
this rabbit is the reason i keep coming back for more to cuteoverload.com - this rabbit better live 100 years.


this is for my mama. chill.
i feel exhausted these days and i know exactly why. i have volleyball extras everyday right now, i have dance class and team sports class. in sophomore year, i actually can, not take pe. but i like sports, so i'm all for it. i think i might grow buff! puff. puff. who knows? besides all the shit i've been going through.. i'm actually enjoying the shit itself. hahahaha. i love my new school- very different. very. i will tell you more about my school after i really 'know' about it.

ps. after all the sports crazy-ness, why do i still feel very fat?


i'm back from the jis orientation today. we had 2 days and 1 night of orientation, it was so much fun. but there was this trouble last nite that pissed me, asha and rhea. last nite we had a sleepover and we slept like at 1.30 in the morning telling ghost stories and dramas that we had in the past year. today we went for 2.30 hours of hiking. it was so exhausting but really fun at the same time. though we hate the mud!! no muds for us. the best part from the whole trip was actually in the bus on the way home! we played so much games and we laughed all the way back to jakarta. i can't wait for monday. i love my new school.
but right now, i'm trying to feel my toes. sore.


this looks like perez hilton, or beyonce or shakira or .......... fortune. diva hair baby!
HAHAHAHA I JUST COULDN'T STOP BROWSING THE FREAKIN INTERNET. i am clearly obsessed with these kind of pictures right now.

hi, i'm clarine and i'm a/an .... (whatever you think) addict

i have come to a conclusion, that today was just a bad day. like seriously a bad bad day. what is wrong with me? why am i always mad with everyone, especially my mom? i love her though! is this a part of puberty? because i don't like it. i have got to look in the mirror and look for all the mistakes i've done and change to a better person. btw, have you noticed the picture? look at the tongue! crazy! adorable :)


ok this is the last picture and post i will post today. this is like a promise to myself! aaaa i still want to show you guys the uber cute pictures. ok ok ok, i'm off to my english summer intensive class. don't miss me too much hahaha.

i hope this pictures made your day, cause it made mine. one lucky little girl. :)

another amazing picture from nina chakrabarti. this picture is a favorite of mine from the "i want you" series. the henna tattoo looks amazing on the girl's face. nina is actually really good at typography pattern or floral based, but she also could pull off the occasional figurative look. amazing!

left to right: Jamie Oliver - Lostprophets, Joel Madden - Good Charlotte, Benji Madden - Good Charlotte, M-Shadows - Avenged Sevenfold, Donny Fontain - Hyper Crush, Preston Meronie - Hyper Crush, Brandon Sallar - Atreyu, The Rev - Avenged Sevenfold, Holly Valentine - Hyper Crush.
holy molly geezus maccaroni, dcma family :)
btw, i changed my blog's main-front title. you likey? ;)
i've been surfing through facebook for almost 3 hours now. i found something very annoying. this un-named person is always having dramas about her love life. i mean always. she changes her boyfriend every 3 weeks and always having stupid problems. i'd say she's quite pretty, i give you that. but i mean.. whatever. it's just annoying. you're 14/15-ish and all you think is love..... pathetic much.