i love this

u r sooo un-fergie-fable bay-bay


weekend plus monday

so saturday i went to plaza indonesia. just when i set my foot there,and walked for a little bit i saw sally and emily! the sisters! boooom-- we talked and talked and we seperated,cos i wanted to chitchat with my mom first. my mom came with a friend and when we were walking i saw sally and emily again. and i decided to go with sally and emily,so we went to kihana and we ate udon-sushi,then rena and janice bw came. and well i was so busy with my own phone --- not gonna tell you why,tho! yea,and then janice bw said 'kler,ada mirella loh dibawah!' and i replied 'mirella siapa ya?' and tiiiinnggg... ohhh mirella from jis. and then my mom called me,to go to the hairdresser to cut my-according-to-her-too-long-bangs. so i when i went out from kihana and found my mom at segafredo,i was 'Mirellaaaa!' mirella was chit-chating with my mom. and she hugged me so hard haha. and i was like 'eh ada janice loh' and she's like 'where?where? lu uda gpp kan sama janice?' and i replied... 'yee uda gpp kali' and mirella and two friends nyamperin janice. and we were all chit-chating again. and i went to the hairdresser,and cut my bangs (even tho i cut only like 0,5 cm).

and then i went around pi and ex,by myself.

but then ....
my phone rang

i'm hot,you're cold
you go around like you know
who i am
but you don't
you've got me on my toes..

i picked up,-oh it's from seley-
and sally told me she doesn't want to go home,and she's now in grandindonesia.
then i decided to acompany her heheheeh ;0
and then we decided to play dance dance revolution,which was an absolute fuuun!
we sweat a lot. A LOT. i was so ugly haha.

then after 9 pm my mom called,and asked me to go back to plaza indonesia,cos wanted to watch mamma-mia! we watched 9.45pm and mamma-mia was so worth it to watch! their voices sounds really great! but meryl streep always reminds me of my grandma----they look like twins! seriously.

then i went home.
and of course. slept with my mom and dad ---- hehehe.

Sunday morning---took a lesson.

Sunday afternoon---went to plaza senayan

Sunday evening---went to plaza indonesia;bought new sun-glasses! for the holidays!

then i took a lesson again. cos i tot that we were going to have a mathematic test on monday.

Monday monday

it was such a boring day,but had a laugh with gita. she is the funniest person in class. i don't know what will i do without her! graaaa.

tho today this weird thing happened to me.
Evelyyyn Monica Dessssvaniaaa bit me!
gilaaa sampe merinding taugaa!

ckckckckc. she's so weird sometimes tehheehhehehe!
but i lovvee her ;)

thats enough.
i have a biology test tomorrrroooww! la la la la.


hello tuesday!

ohhhh my lovely class.. i love you so much!
i had the best laugh with gita and welsen this afternoon they were so funny,i laughed and laughed a lot,today hahahahahhahah,can't wait for tomorrow.
but i really don't want to cry tonight,so i'll save up those teeths,tehhhee.

today volleyball was ok.
bu endra,got her nose bleeding all over her clothes tho.
steven hit her with a ball (ga sengajaaa sihh) tehhe.


i'm stressed out about my high school musical drama,is it really this thursday. oh dammmnn..
i have to study citizenship,and math.. they're both sooooo hardd :c

but you know what they say, we need to study to have good grades,well unlike her,that thinks she is smart,but really you're just cheating off every tests,and feel cool about it. ugly white bitch.

that's about it,toodle-ooos



sorry ppl. i can dance (zac efron talk) was he dfntly dancceeee. i can't, i dance like a duck, but it's fun tho :)

sorry morry


had one of the most amazing weekends ever, so didn't write a blog, hehe.

saturday, was quite cool.
went to plaza indonesia, bough a calvin klein skirt, just like fergie's. so i saw the skirts on the internet, and just went to buy them, just to make her jealooouus.
and we ate dinner in lamoda plaza indonesia. seriously whatever noodle that i ordered was (omg) sooo delicious!
we went home, and watched hairspray, my mouth were so watery cos of see-ing mr. zac efron on screen, i dfntly caan dannnnnceeee.

sunday. sun-day, tehhee!
went to gourmet garage for lunch, ordered beef teriyaki (was soo yummy too) and ate little bit of dessert! yuuuuuumm!
went to plaza senayan, and i got a call from sally----
sally: dimana lu?
clarine: di ps, knp? lu?
sally: eh gua juga lagi di ps!
clarine: hah sumpaaahh lo? oh iya knp2?
sally: nci gua sama gua mo ajak lo nonton!
clarine: heh ga boleh gua, kalo mau.. bentar deh lu mo nonton dimana tadinya?
sally: pi.
clarine: gua juga mo k pi, kita k pi bareng aj men. trs jln2 sembari nunggu emak gue disalon.
sally: ha hi ha ha ho(suara putus2)
clarine: aaaa udah deh gua sms lu aj.

then i texted her, and we met, and went to pi together.
we went to some book store, and just looked at the magazines.
than decided to split after sometime.

then sally called me ----
i was so omg omg omg. long time no show off ppl.
i was running towards that shop, but when i arrived, she wasn't there.
and i met sally emily and their mom.
and then sally called me again.
her mom was talking to her mom.
omg omg omg i have to go there.

after paying for those ew-bread.
i ran ran ran. and ah...
sally told me, she just went upstairs.
then i ran to the escltr. SHIIIIIT.
there you go ppl, my x-boyf.
i ran back, and laughed, i said.. 'gila gila ada bolly'
hah? -sally&emily
we ran upstairs, trying to find her and didn't find her tho hehe.
she was too far away, and we decided well actually i decided not to 'hunt' for bolly. ahahaaha.
but tadinya sally wanted too ;p that was gonna be fun, if was not in a hurry.
my mom was waiting for me, haha
then i went home, and ======hello andyka=======
shit. hahahha
but whatever, it was fun. daripada eloooo si tai yg ga perna pegi kmn2 mending guaaa


funny fun friends

today was so much fun.
we did.... exactly nothing.

my first subject for today was pe.
i played basketball, laughed a lot. so 1 hour 30 minutes felt like 30 minutes.
then the second subject was english.
although the teacher could be scary sometimes, today she's not in a bad mood. me and nico were chit-chatting. 45 minutes felt like well 45 minutes.. tehee.
and the third subject was cooking.
although, we didn't know what to do, me gita darlene arianto and michael tjia, were having a lot of fun, first we were a little bit frustrated, cos really.. we didn't know how to cook a pudding. but then we borrowed some nutrigel - or yea something from the other groups, and we were laughing, we were throwing ice to each other, it was fun until we all fell down together, tehee. funny though :)
the last subject was indonesian language.
yea yea yea, i though i could be boring. but no no no, i forgot that we were supposed to make this song for the poem, and the teacher told us to go to the other room. so we were playing. and decided to sing the poem with sean kingston's beautiful girls song/note. but nico though it was such a crap, and he was a bit upset tehee - sorry, we love you nico! but he forgot about it, and well.. gave up. haha! he told us - ok, whatevaaa you wanna sing.. sing! sorry menolly, dear. but we got story-telled by yesti. she's doin' alright, peeps.

ouch, my fingers r tired.
guess that's enough.

clarine kv :-)


pembetulan gichu loch!? tehhee

i am terribly sorry.

the blog below, has some problems, tehhee.

we got the humiliated - we got humiliated.

loads loads of sorryyyyyyy from me :D

go go theresia!

finally, those hard work for my volley ball team paid off!
at the right time, and the right place, i'm so happy :)

maybe you'd be wondering, wth? what hard work?

lemme spill it.

1. we had to run 6 times; around the basket and volleyball field, me and my team were so so tired.
we could not run after 4 times running there, we were sitting, but our coach pushed us. and with
no choice, we had to run.

2. we got the humiliated. at our first competetion, really it suckssssssss so bad. we were trying so
hard, but whatever it was our first game - ever as a team.

3. we got teased by the boys. ' ah.. the girls just can't do it' the boys are really supportive though,
when we broke down the other day.

4. the coach was so pissed off, and she was trying to make us feel volleyball isn't just a fun game.
and we need to work our ass off.

but 3 weeks of hard training, we beat the boys! well, they didn't lost too far though.
our bodies shrank haha (good) and we were like tarzans, we ran around like crazy without feeling too tired. and our coach thought we were ready for another game.

and yeap, today we won second game as a team.
we were really happy, and there was loads of smiles at the field, we were sooo soo happyy (again)
the boys won too :-)

so i guess theresia is better than santa maria at volleyball.

p.s: sanmarians, looks really tacky, ew. sorry though tehheee.

i guess that's enough for today :-)

wanted to tell, that now she's a shadow! never seen never heard, ya ya ya just go to the bottom you freakin' loser. fergie and paris aren't bitches, one of their biggest fan is :)


Ola, como estas!

gosh, i miss saying that to my grandpa :'(
really, he was the only reason why we visited portugal every year.
i miss portugal, i miss the atmosphere in portugal, i miss the food, i miss my family, i miss anna and her kids, i miss chika the ugly dog.
here's some pics.

---- enough talk about portugal, it makes me sad :'(
lemme' spill you something.
i was sitting with my mates, and this girl was sitting with her probably-mates. and we had this idea, this really cruel idea, but really it's really really really creative.
and oh yea, paris! i'll buy the blackberry that you want, just to make you jealous. i'll get it before xmas, and if you change what you want, i'll buy to phone you want, get it?
she thinks she's a rebel kid. but truly, you'r far.. from rebel. you never go out on saturdays, don't have friends to go out with. and if what you think rebel is cheating at tests than you're as stupid as my dog's poo. rebel is not about that, rebel is running from you're house, trying to kill yourself, etc. and dude you're not trying to kill yourself right? cos if you do, i'll burst out laughing out loud. yea yea, maybe you still don't know who i am talking about right, so i guess i'll just post her picture! and people people may i have your attention please. HER CLOTHES ARE SO TACKY HAHA, AND EVERYTIME SHE ASKED ME, DO I LOOK ALRIGHT? I SAID YES, uh i'm sorry for being such a big fat bastard, darling.
ready... get set.... TADAAA!
no kidding man. i'm nice sometimes :)


boring is my middle name these days

It's kinda boring here.
i have nothing to do, really.
i'm thinking about my hubbies these days.
they make me smile a little bit :*)
did you ever wonder, while u r typing this blog, what r they doing?
im curious -..-
ah i miss the heartbeat when i saw my favourite band on stage.
i guess one of my favourite bands will still be the click five. (typical,haha)

i wanna share u my pics. sorry about bragging so much about it,but really i loooooveeee them :B

sally devita clarine joey zehr :) clarine and ethan mentzer :)

Made a blog, people

Finally! I've made it. Made what? A blog,haha.

It is hard to make a blog, though. I even called Sally just for the signing up part and the rest too :p

Ok, now let me spill you some things

I hate you. I really really do. But maybe you don't even know that i am talking about you. You're my x-maybe-bestfriend, but i never really counted you as my bestfriend though, cos we were just hanging out. I didn't tell you all my stories. And i heard you talk shit about my family, you piece of crap. Well you're lucky i'm not a blabber. Yea my mom and my dad divorced, happy now? Well it's not even your problem-dude. It doesn't bother me at all, and why does that bother you a lot? weird. But you know, i don't really care. My mates are here for me, and guess what? They really do hate you, too. Never noticed that they are giving you the silence-treatment? Guess Paris is dumb. sssoooorrryyy!


Anyways, enough talking about you.

clarine kv