more celebrities

i know this blog is supposed to be my blog. not a gossip blog.
but whatever, i just wanna show you guys. my newest hubby. and he's slipping up to number one (though i doubt that, musicians always gets the girl, baby *talking about jared leto)

here we go.
Dev Patel from Slumdog Millionare.

muah muah muah,sweet little indian-ish face with a stupid look twist there.
and guess what,my new baby boo boo boo won an oscar. congrats lovey :)

well enjoy,he's fresh face people.

i really don't have a type of guy here. rockstar vs. a calm indian twist face.
both, so hard to resist.

always xo,


rising stars are always a hot gossip

annalynne who?
perhaps 90210 queen bee?
perhaps a very very hot curly haired girl?
perhaps great eyes-girl?
no clue?
then ok.

i'm talking about annalynne mccord.
90210 hottie. hottie but not slutty.
shall we see her pictures? hmm.. ok.


see,pretty hot huh? whoops sorry. pretty and hot.
and guess who she's dating.
prepare your tissues,readers-friends-strangers i warn you!

let's keep you pumped up first.
and i need you to guess,who the hell she's dating. he looks kinda like - i know him.

still no clue?
this guy has really cute dimples.

and he plays in Twilight. as........

yes people,he's off the market (at least for a while)
he's annalynne mccord's and it is very hard to beat annalynne.

bye bye emmett!

well,atleast we can see the brightside. he's happy with his hot girlfriend. and edward cullen aka robert pattinson is still single. Hallelujah! <3

see you later for more gossip-ohs!

love chit-chatting.


it's a javelin yes it is

oh yea i forgot to tell you.
i already bought the blackberry javelin.
and i'm really pleased about it.

but i'm kinda pissed- 'cause since my mom's keeping my phone away from me on weekdays,i only can use the javelin on saturday which is the 21st of February.
which reminds me of one more dilemma in my life.
my birthday celebration is on the 21st of February,and one of my boy friends at school is having his birthday celebration at the same day. the only thing i have to confirm is wether his party is lunch or dinner (crossing my fingers- lunch please)!

so anyway i need real luck for this.
life's pretty shitty.

Wish me the best of luck,
Clarine Xx

Fyi,16 february is my real birthday-


sorry- wrong typings and etc.
im truly sorry.
too lazy to repeat it again,and haha-ly i don't know how to delete a post.
i need to ask my friends,gah!

cvk. muah.

cutting my short hair to a shorter hair

hang on,hang on.
slow down..

yes it is shorter,but hey! it looks more rihanna to me,than to previous pixie geldof cut.

i chop-chopped it with Tristan the art director of Tony&Guy- he's apparently deadly hot,and not gay (which is good) and he's either british/aussie.

well,you'll just have to wait and tune it for the pictures.
since i never do anything with my picture's in the camera.
it's going to take ages.
well,oh well.

'til then.
happy valentine's day

p.s: thankyou so much to the people- for giving me such great chocolates.

love always,




Robertie Pattien-Son

She's yummy isn't she?
Robert,stop doing weird things.

and you look like holy sissy here -..-

you've got mad hair- mad in a positive way though.

and you are a little bit ch-ch-chrayzay baybay.

but whatever,you'll still gonna be the hottest beast,inside my heart <33

They said...

here is the new edition of they said.
they refers to celebrities (which i'm pretty sure,we are obsessed with)

so let's start.

the first one is robert pattinson,new rising star. played in harry potter as cedric diggory and the mega movie twilight as edward cullen.

"I had a stalker while filming a movie in Spain last year. She stood outside of my apartment every day for weeks - all day every day. I was so bored and lonely that I went out and had dinner with her. I just complained about everything in my life and she never came back. People get bored of me in, like, two minutes."

- Robert Pattinson, to Creme magazine, on how he got rid of an obsessive fan

can you believe that? trust me if i was in that girl's position- i'd still be waiting outside his apartment. she's dumb!

well,i'll update these kinda things soon. it's kinda fun to post it tehhe.
and right now,i'm not feeling well.
so i guess i'm gonna go upstairs and rest my head for a little bit.


love always,

p.s : tomorrow is valentine's day,go ahead and spread the L-O-V-E! :DDD


this thursday was supposed to be- exciting.

gaah,bloody thursday.
really- i was supposed to be in senayan right now,if rihanna didn't cancel her concert here. oh,sorry wrong. if bloody brown didn't hit rihanna on the freaking face.

i was supposed to meet my rival there- and that's supposed to be fun.
i love show off (sorry,just telling you the truth).
i was supposed to be dancing,fooling,screaming,jumping around with my ankle heels.
i was supposed to be the tallest one- among my cutie little friends,tehhe.
i was supposed to be having fun,right now.

but look!
it turned out to be,another boring day.
secretly watching the telly.
typing,infront of the almost-going-to-be-boring-new-computer of mine.
writing a blog,that i am pretty sure,nobody is reading.
listening to lily allen's newest tune- "Fuck You"
it's a great song though.
opening the trashy facebook. which unlike everybody,im so dead bored about it.

really,what can you do,at your house?
it gets bbb-boring you know?
you go here like everyday.

and plus plus,im so fucking nervous.
the answer is,i wanted to buy a javelin right?
so yea,i found out that javelin did not have a 3g for an application.
so that means i can't video call. but whatever,i don't video call people. it's creepy!
but the question is..
'can i take this phone overseas? and can it work there especially in Japan and America?' since there are rumors that we can't use our javelins there. if that rumour is true,i'll just buy the storm,which i am not a big fan myself. but really,what can i do? i'm pretty much dead bored with my bold.

i asked the guy- at the blackberry shop here.
they answered 'oh yes,you can use the phone overseas. in America too.'

hey! who knows i'm going to japan for lebaran or christmas?
i'm pretty sure i'm going to montreal,toronto,and los angeles for summer though.
i hope the phone dilemma,ends soon enough.
so i can think of something more important.
though pssst.. i'm crossing my fingers that javelin will be the best phone experience. and it can work overseas. and i'll never regret buying javelin.

but oh well.
let's see.

p.s : my birthday is coming. 16 february- presents presents presents,thanks! ;DD






Forget the macbook. I dont think i really need one you know what i mean?
I'll get one,if i really need one. My mummy will buy me one if i have to do everything and everyday on my laptop. Sally a bestfriend of mine told me that i dont need to buy a laptop,cause i have a computer. And my computer is pretty new,so i guess a laptop isnt such a good idea, after all.

So now....
I have an idea.
How bout a Blackberry Javelin and...........


Sometimes,i think my great great grandfather is Einstein,lmao :DD

Anyway,im now opening LiLo's & Taylor Swift's myspace. They are both such an independent woman
Though im not Taylor's fan,cause i think when she talked about Joe Jonas infront of the media- Its just too tacky for me

Fyi,havent ask yet. I'll let you guys know-

Im almost 14!

Not 14 yet though hehe.
Aww,im old! Though i always think im young cause im always with older people.

So anyways.
I already bought a mini pomeranian for my birthday.
But there's still 2 more gifts.

I wonder what would it be?
I wanted blackberry javelin.
So maybe a javelin,could do no harm.
Here,the picture of blackberry javelin- It's a bit curve-ey and bold-ey.
And a friend told me,that its light. Unlike blackberry bold- which im pretty much dead bored with it right now.

So there you go.
I'll skip blackberry storm,i don't really like how it looks.
Well,on the pictures though- don't know if i change my mind later tehhe.

Ok so another one is a black macbook.
Here you go.

Joe jonas has one,and he's a heartrob <33
Tehhe. Nah,he's not the reason why i'd like to have this laptop.
Apple has been such a cutie.
And i fell in love with this one.

So... I guess i have to plan something fast.
Javelin from Tony, and Macbook from Mummy?

Well,i'll have to ask them.
And i'll tell to you guys with the news later-
But if i buy the javelin,i'll sell the bold im using right now,cause i really don't wanna spend too much money on phones. Im feeling guilty talking about presents right now. But you know- im just a teenager with no money. My parents are the ones who buys me things. You know whatta mean?
So i guess-

Love always,



Have you watched E!Channel or opened some of the-i-trust-gossip-blog?
So i guess you know.
So i guess you're just clueless why i fucking hate Chris Brown right now.

I was one of Chris Brown's fan back then.
I thought he's nice, humble, good at dancing and singing, and down to earth.
AND A PEACE MAKER OF COURSE! Here's the proof that he's only making peace sign,when he takes pictures. We don't need peace on your fingers. We need you to make it real in reality,you ass!

Ha- Yeah there you go Brown,nice...
But it turns out,that person you're pretending to be- isn't the one we're now seeing.
Now,im proud to say that we can see thru you.

Look.. So here Brown the list.

perhaps the angel you?

1.You took Rihanna from the single world,which is okay for me. And you guys look really happy.

2.You treated Rihanna nicely,which is really cool.

and now i present you the real chris fucking brown.

1.I know that you and your mother went thru a lot. You didnt have a great childhood,your step father beat you and your mom. And im sorry for that.

2.But you piece of crap,dont you ever lay down your hands on woman like your step father. You had an interview about it,and you told everybody that you won't hurt a lady. Ha- keep that to yourself. You crazy hiphop shit.

3.And we know that Rihanna is a good hearted girl. She wants to pay off her canceled concert here,because travel warning (security reasons- november 2008) But now she's prepared for her pay off concert. And there you go beating and abusing her up. Your just jealous she's more aww-my mind blowing than you!

Rihanna should dump him fast.
He only can fight with girls.
Chris- you should fight with 50 cent and Jay-Z if you win... Well ok your man!
But you fought with Rihanna. She even screamed and you did not even stop. And you ran away when the cops came. Well the good thing is that,you turned yourself in. If not,than im pretty sure you're 100% sissy.

Here is another picture of Chris Brown- trying to proof that he's A MAN!


I hope you accidently choke your own mic-


Feb Ru ARR ry

Usually a week comes by very fast.
But this week its been a long one.
Maybe bcos im waiting for Rihanna's concert here in Jakarta.

But you know,i cant stand not to think about it. Its gonna be loads of fun!:)
Tomorrow i have my first tryout. Not too scared about it though,cos i think its gonna be easy-peasy since its indonesian language. But i really do have to be careful though,cos i think my grades are starting to slip away.

I have wishes for February.
-My birthday is coming up. And im hoping that i can celebrate it with my friends (and the party is (AMEN) gonna go smoothly)
-I wanna meet Rihanna,but dunno how haha. That is not a in my priority though. I just wanna have fun AND SHOW OFF* if you know watta mean haha. Well i think only my friends who watch knows what it mean and of course some of my other close friends that are not watching (who also knows)
-I wanna go on diet. Not really though. I just need to lose a few kgs and it will be mighty oh mighty fine.
I WANNA STUDY! Im really lazy these days. Im not trying to be a rebel,but this is a big problem for me. Especially i have my tryouts close enough to 'smell and touch' this is not good.

Crossing ma fingers.


The Jonas Brothers and Ellen talk about INDONESIA

Ok pay attention


Jonas Brothers mania :)

aww,he's sweet.

Joe :))

I wanna be that girl who runs up to them aww


Joe And Nick got Proposed and said Yes :)

Look at this video
Q: Nick, will you marry me?
Nick: Yep.

Q: Joe, will you marry me?
Joe: Yes why not? Let's get married.


Rihanna time people

Imagine she had not canceled her concert here. This is what exactly what we experienced last November. But that doesn't really matter. She's coming here to Jakarta on the 12th of February 2009. Y'all know im craving :)
Though I think Chris Brown is not coming-------

fyi,the video there is rihanna's concert last year in manilla. :(