When I say things get complicated in season 2. I mean like things get really, really complicated! The story line is amazing and surprisingly Sookie annoys me less in the second season. There are new characters such as Jessica, Bill Compton's new-made vampire that is really adorably mean. This show is really addictive - trust me, I've watched lots of series. But this one sticks the longest!

A huuuuge come back from Woody and his awesome toy clan! I have always been a fan since the first Toy Story movie came out in Disney Channel when I was little. This was the perfect movie to end the story itself and one of the most successful summer movie ever made! I do recommend this (plus it's in 3d.. YAY)


she inspires me to dress up tonight

My favorite picture so far of model Tanya Dziahileva in Spain's Harpers Bazaar July / August 2010. If only my summer would be this beautiful, life would be heaven and I will be forever young.


The most awkward girl I have ever seen on fashion magazines, becomes my entertainment during work. Yes, Tavi is funny! Don't believe it? Prove it yourself; open www.thestylerookie.blogspot.com



This summer everything seems to be different; life has changed drastically. There were ups and downs, tears and smiles along the way, but for me this is most probably the most enjoyable summer and I'm really looking forward for the rest of summer.

As well as life is changing, I am changing too. I product less tears when I think about my boyfriend, who moved to Melbourne for good at the beginning of the month. I become more positive as in I think we will be able to get through whatever comes to us (hopefully of course!). Now I take things slowly and take everyday by day. I have also learned to appreciate my friends companies more and also all the hang outs we've been doing a lot lately. I have learned who are my best friends and which best friend turned into just a dear friend of mine. I learn how everyone changes not because they want to, but because they have to.

And speaking of changing, who knew I would be interning for 3 weeks at a local fashion magazine having the time of my life? Typing from my own desk and computer feeling so happy. Photo shoots, articles, celebrities, clothes, shoes, bags, fashion......................... They complete my life!

As I said in the beginning, I'm looking forward to see how the rest of the summer goes. I'm looking forward to see you again, love.



You are the reason why I appreciate life more
I love you so much it's ridiculous