Thanks to....

"Thank you honey. For the second, third and fourth chance
you gave me. I will never ever forget a friend like you. Thank you for making me a better
person in every way. You are the BEST person in the entire universe. I'm sorry I'm not your BEST friend you had. I wish, I could
turn back time and realize how wise and good you really are. But I guess I was immature back then. I love you with all my heart little Fergs. XOXOXO"

"HEEY YOU! I hope you're reading this. You're probably the most good looking boy friend I've ever and will have!!! I go crazy for your looks and voice and how good you are with the piano. Thank you for teaching me about friendship. Me lovey you"

"HI. I know we're not THAT close. But thank you for letting me sit with you guys everday. Thank you for giving me the chance to be myself. Thank you for your love, patience, and care. I love you guys. Muah Muah Muah XOXOXO"

"HI YOU GUYS. It's been nice knowing all and each of you. It's been quite a journey for me. And you i guess. I don't hate you. I never did I think. I think.............. AHAHAHA. Live your life to the fullest. And guys.... Start loving. Love ya' lotsss"

"Clearly. I'm not going to start on names here. But I know you're reading. So I want to thank you for the amazing years months and seconds that you gave to me. I don't have much to say. Because I said lots on your birthday card which you..... denied to read. I still love you. And I wish you nothing but a good luck!!!"



My Prom Night has..............

The best hugs.
1. Karina's hug. She told me to stop crying and try to enjoy the night. I love you Karin.
2. Vina's hug. She's been a really close class-mate of mine. I will miss her. I love you Vina.
3. Judith's hug. This is the hug I will remember forever. I'm sorry. I love you Judith.
The best co-host.
Left: Kemal ; Right: Me
We are pretty much partners at the event. Host partners of course.He's the funniest guy I've met.
He works at Gen FM. He taught me so much. Back stage and On stage.
I owe you a Sour Sally, Kemal (our joke) :)
The best teachers.

I love them with all my heart. I'm sorry I know I've been such an ass
to you guys this past 3 years. I love you. I love you. I love you. Be good to your next students, teachers!
p.s seeing the teachers cry, made me cry even harder.
The best dance party.
We danced like crazy that night. A night never to forget. My friends are
pretty wild! These precious moments means a lot to me. I love you.
I didn't upload all of them. It would take hours. But I hope these pictures will make you realize. How much friendship means to me. I love you and always will do, best friends. :)

CLASS OF 2009 is the class we all never will forget.


Prom night

Prom Night!

I've got my favorite dress, stocking and heels on.
I co-hosted the event.
I've got great friends and a great boy with me.

My old friends apologized to me. We hugged and make up.
That was probably the best hug I recieved since a long time ago.
I'm really sorry this had to happen to us. I wish we didn't have to go through that fase. But you know we all learned from it.

I love Class 2009!
You guys are my solid rock!

Pictures are coming. They took really long to load.



This is farewell for Jared Leto who has been the king of my heart and a big HELLO for DanMerrW the new king :)

Y'all know i'd die for this woman haha lol.
Here are some pictures i took from my mobile phone. It didn't turn out well.. oh whatever..
At least we still got some good pictures from Charissa's camera.
This was a surprise party!!! And it turned out to be one hell of a party! :)
Everybody was having fun and when we asked Charissa she didn't think we would do anything to her.
Checkout what is she wearing to Bandar Jakarta.
Her friend's PJs, flip-flops, and a stupid scarf..
And we all dressed up a little bit. Hahaha. I love you Charissa. You looked really cute yesterday<3
I would like to thank all of her friends for making her really happy.
this blog is seriously killing me. i hate it. someone make a better site please.

I haven't been posting a lot of me recently and I'm really sorry about that, lol. :)
But in this post, I'll pay U back. Yay or Nay? Lol.

Let's start w Singapore's Shopping Spree.
You should've seen my face entering those crazy stores..
Christian Louboutin, Onpedder, Louis Vuitton, Tribeca, Pois etc.
My jaw totally dropped like a bomb-shell!!!! All the things r really really nice, but it's also a bit pricey! :(

But tinkerbell came and blessed my mother's brain. Yay tinkerbell <3
I was allowed to buy.. literally anything i choose. My mom approves it all. But of course I'm a very nice kid. Lol
I didn't by anything from Christian Louboutin and Louis Vuitton because I feel really guilty..

But I did shop like a crazy bitch at Onpedder. I bought a pair of Pierre Hardy heels which I'm going to wear at my sister's sweet seveteen party in Bali

I also bought this awesome pair of Miu Miu gladiator-ish sandal, the best part is this
sandals r really comfortable to wear, and they last forever. Triple Awesome!! :)
(The Pussycat Dolls shopped crazy here too, recently)

At Tribeca I bought a dress. It's a pvc (latex) dress, one shoulder, really tight and short. The dress screams my name, honey! :)
And this short jumpsuit caught my eye. It's really really short. But what the hell? It's 2009! Everything is supposed to be short!!
So I felt really happy when i bought this two items. :)

At Pois i wasn't really concetrating on myself I was helping my sister finding her dream dress for her sweet seventeen dress. I mean
that was the only point why we went to Singapore!! So thank God we found the dress she has been dreaming of.. <3
And then it was time to find my dress for her birthday party.. And I found it and I'm gonna pair it with my Pierre Hardy heels. Oh
I can feel the loooovee :)

At Topshop.. We didn't go nuts like we used to somehow. Nothing special so nothing to talk about. Sorry TS Singapore. Lame o this season.
I think that's about it about Singapore...
I went there for only two days. Saturday and Sunday.
What i really love the most about Saturday --> Bonding time w my mom. Yup, just my mom and I. How rare is that? :)
What i really love the most about Sunday --> My dad and sister tagged along :) I love you my familia!!

ps. MTV should keep their eyes open. Charissa could be the next "My Super Sweet Seventeen" contestant. She went all the way to Singapore, just to find her dream dress and don't get me wrong we realize that we're just spoiled brats.. But atleast we realize it haha :P

Here are some pictures i took in Singapore w my mobile phone.


Fantastic Quote

"They said you'll find your prince when you kiss a lot of frogs. But the more i kiss a frog, the more i love my dog"
- Carrie Underwood

This american idol winner really knows what she's talking about lol. She's pretty good w words <3
Holla! I'm back ;)

Singapore was great.. Unfortunately i don't really have time to tell you right now.
I'm planning a little something - something. I'll tell u guys tomorrow.
See ya.

Kiss kiss <33


I am a busy-bee

Yes sir, yes i am. But I'm just really exhausted right now.
I have to pack for tomorrow, because I'm going to Singapore.
I'm going to shop tomorrow, so I'm not that tired haha. But I'm gonna be
on Sunday, i have to go around and around and around Orchard Road, over and over
again to acompany my sister to find her herve ledger dress. Yes people, she does not
want another label except herve ledger.. Oh uh, mommy is gonna be broke when we
come back to Jakarta. LOL. *If you don't know herve ledger you must be living in a cave. Google it dumbass.

Next week I'm going to Bali for like, 4 days or something.
Now this is what i call pair-a-dice. Dude.. I'm gonna lay out all day listening to my Ipod, wearing my raybans. mwa mwa <33
My sister is celebrating her 17th birthday party in Bali. So that means she also brings her whole group to Bali.
Her birthday is June 8, But we will celebrate it June 12 :)

So enuf nuff. Gotta pack ;)
ttfn. <33


There are questions existing in my mind. I can't get rid off it.
I know one answer of all thousands of questions..

It's not you, It's me.

yeahhh!! i'm so lucky! wanna know why? apparently my mom... turns into an angel.
she allows me to watch the pussycat dolls oh yeah!

i watched the pussycat dolls with sabrina. she loves ashley roberts so much ;)
i had fun at the concert. but it was just, alright over all. because i saw the youtube video of their concert in australia. and
it was.. more... like.. WOW i guess? hm.. :)
but whatever yow. 'cause i got their autograph. well not all. and not my favorite doll
my favorite doll is jessica sutta. and she went back to LA 'cause she injured her back :(
but i just really want to thank sabrina. without her, i would not get kimberly wyatt and ashley roberts' autograph.
i'll scan it soon. so you guys can check it out.
love you sabrina <3>

*oh and btw, checkout sabrina's facebook photos. she took a picture with kimberly and ashley. :)
really happy for you.


My heart breaks for me
Because i can't watch The Pussycat Dolls.
And i'm one of their biggest fans, ok well i don't know
all about them. But i'm pretty sure i'll know something.
Over all i love their songs.
My heart is breaking apart.
This is so much harder then a love-heart break.
I'm sorry Sabrina.
I'm gonna give you 2 tickets tomorrow.
You can give it to anybody you like <33
Love yaa