This is on tyra banks' show.

I laughed so hard.

Hahahah! The g-strings are really really wakakaka.
Jee! Robert actually played the freaking g-string with his hand. And the best part is Tyra got a hickey from Robert Pattinson.
Guess you need to watch to know whattam talkin about! :) Enjoy and thank me!

Holy Moly!
They gave away, Robert Pattinson's car aka Edward Cullen's car just like snap!
I want that car so badly.
Gosh,lucky blonde!

Tyra's ahmazing. <3



Yea, i am a labelstuff indeed.
And i am damn proud of it ( i guess )
Love you Juniors. You've nothing but great and welcoming for me to join to group.

im lovin it

Hahahaha sorrey.
Im kinda loving the fact that these people dance like crayzay.

Envious me!

My God! Look at that video. Its so so so so so... sweet!
Im really jealous right now.

Today, i wanna be Kristen Stewart for sure. She's pretty. Love her eyes.

And i love it when robert pattinson is near me when im being Kristen Stewart-For the Day. Well, Who the hell doesnt?

And btw this is behind the scenes of robert pattinson! :)


Sorry man!

I found a new video.
Chris Brown and Adam Punching Miley's/Hannah Montana's cardboard.


Not speechless yet? Well press play.

Actually this is ACDC as in Adam (The guy that comes down with a string and bringst the camera, kind of the leader!) and Chu(The producer of Step up) from step up 2 members, with their crews and also mixed with some jabba.
They are competing against, miley and mandy and their crew. They dance quite well too.

I was trying to find the video of Miley and Mandy.
It was so good, but i cant find it. Maybe next time. Here's a bonus!

I freakin enjoyed it. Did you?
Hmm. I guess you did too :)
Thankyou for visiting moy blog!

Imma Dance Freak

I have no idea why i would be in love with modern dance, since people say its so last year. But isn't vintage the new trend? Hehehe.

But look how they dance.... Great job. Lovin it :DD

Well, i present you!@
Kaba Modern.
At the Hip Hop International : World Finals 2007.


Long Weekend

This long weekend has to be some kind of a reality show.
Or at least quite a drama for me.
You know this and that.
But at the end of the day, i realise that, some people in your life, cant always stay the way the were before.
They do change.
They do move on.

But, i also realise, if they do that - (negative-ly changed) I would just have to forget them, and not talk to them. Its just a waste of time. And time's running fast,fyi.

Goodbye Then to you.
But i'll always have high hopes.
Maybe, you'll realise, and you'll change back.

This long weekend, i also do realise, that your family's got your back.
Through good and bad times.
I feel very fortunate these days, especially when im around my folks and my sibling.
So anyway.

So yesterday i was talking to Putri through Msn.
And dangit, i was...................... ga gi gu ge go.
My God, that would've been some dream boy over there.
America's teenage relationship, are way better.
They look more challenging. Hmm.. I wonder how it feels.

Before i start to sound like some pathetic-craving-go-cheap-girl.
I better stop talking about American Boys (Though sometimes, they get pretty hot!)

Well guess thats it for today.
Till then :DDD



This magazine is my favorite.
This magazine is fun to google.
This magazine is interesting to look at.
I love the photos, and how they get the photo edited.
Triple <3 <3 <3

Hmm.. Maybe we should check some of it out!

Well.. If you guys have any comments for the pictures, you could actually give a comment about this blog. I love the pictures. But the real question is, do you?

Til I post again..... X


A new puppy!

Thankyou Mom. For letting me buy the naughty-est puppy ever.
Its a mini pomeranian. And Gee... Its, really really mini.

I had a Shih tzu before.
And a Yorkshire Terrier.
But The Yorkshire Terrier, didnt work out. So we gave him for free, to somebody else.

The Shih tzu, is still here :)
I love him the most.

My new pup's name is Pumba. Pumba from The lion king. The one that sings Hakuna Matata? You know? Ok, if you dont know. For sure, you've lived in a cave when your a kid. Poor you.

His pictures, are going to be post soon.
I took it already.
But, just too lazy to upload it here and so and so and so it goes.

Till then people.
Adios :)



Im really stupid in this typing world. Maybe i should go and find a lesson for typing.. Blahh..............................................................
Forgive-ness once again.

Too tired, to write these kinda shit, every time i post something!


Typical Shit

Oh damn. Im so so so sorry for you people who read my previous blog.
Well.. I have some wrong spelling. Whoa!
Not a big deal for me though. Its kinda what i do. Typing, while moaning. Typling while drinking and eating, and watching the telly..... So forgive-ness!

Love you All.
Have a good day ;DD


Who knew we were living in Forks?

Bad bad Weather in Jakarta.
Every morning my mum wakes me up and i always hear the rain pour.
And i do like it when it rains, but waking up like that feels like im waking up in the middle of a night. And it makes me sleepy.

I always take a bath faster at these times. Cos, i dont wanna be late for school.
Hahaha seriously. And today i took a jacket with me, incase it gets a little bit cold out there. And BAM! when i walked outside after breakfast, and vitamins, and a juice. I was shivering. Thank God, i brought i jacket with me. I put on the jacket. It was not a special jacket. It was a jacktet from Topshop, bought it in Singapore, for sale though. Tehhe.

And yes people, when i walked to my class. My hands were inside my pocket. This happens once in a life time, and enjoy it. Although i was sneezy all the time. Oh what a 'perfect' timing for me to get cold. When i walked inside my class, there were quite a few people with their jackets on. Then i walked through a couple of my classmates, who were chitchatting. Then i greeted my friend, who will spend this January sitting with me again, her name is Jessica, or we call her Pengky ( -..- )
She was wearing this brown jacket, and im sure that jacket was not hers. And then i asked her ' Peng. Im not sure this is your jacket.. Whos jacket is it?' ' Its Aan's jacket, i was shivering this morning, and i also caught flu' Oh.. GREAT! Now im gonna have a real cold. ......

So and then the bell rang, and biology began.

Blablablabla..... The teacher was explaining to us.. Which i dont know what. Cos appearently according to some people, i fell asleep. *Really? I didnt know that. What i realise the next thing happened to me was... My teacher infront of me, and looking at me. Then she said, ' Why are you always sleeping, Clarine? ' She talked with a pretty loud voice. But im quite sure that, the reason was the rain. But i answered her quickly.. 'Its raining... And rain makes me sleepy.' Then she said to me again, ' Hahaha, are you a bear or something? No, not really. You're always sleeping.' Then i said ' Oh.. Right. ' Then she told me to write my answers on the board infront of the class.. I was like.. WHAT? I didnt know what was she explaining about, and now she asks me to do this? I was like a fresh meat for her, eh? But nah.. She's cool. She explained to me, so i As the answers! Good Lord, imma genius! Lol.

And then, after biology. It was time for Miss Esther 'THE ENGLISH MADAM'
Everybody knows that when she's angry...... Well, you better not know.
She's actually quite a pleasent person. I love her. But..... We all kept distance.
She's cool today. Maybe the weather rubs off some coolness to her. Good.

After that it was break time.
Me and Sally went to the elementary school, to buy our favorite food. Rice with chicken and some sauce. It sounds a little creepy maybe. But what else, can we eat? That is a good question, actually! Ha ha.

Then the bell rang again..
It was time for Fun-tastic Art.
It is always fun, when Pak Kris is around, he's funny. But sometimes he can be cruel. Like today.
Gita was so much fun today, i think i laughed too much.
Because every word that comes out from her mouth, is too funny to be true.
I was laughing like hell.. And then.
Pak Kris : ' Clarine.. Come here.'
Clarine : ' What? ' (To gita)
Gita : ' How am i supposed to know? GO! '
Clarine : ' Right.. '

-------- Then i walked to his table infront of the class. Smiling :)

Pak Kris : ' Out.. '
Clarine : ' What? No, No. I promise you, i'll do the art thing now '
Pak Kris : ' Ah, i dont want to know. Out now '
Clarine : ' Ah.. Okay lah '

I walked outside and sit on the floor, then i realised that Leo 'the creepy guy' from my class was sitting there all alone doing is work. Nice Pak Kris. You torture-er!

Then because of boredness... I guess i lost my mind and i started a conversation.

Clarine : ' Oh.. So you're being punished too? '
Leo : ' No. I want to do my work outside. '
Stupid.. It was embarassing.

Then, i kept quiet. I cant stand it.
Then i started a conversation, again.

Clarine : 'Can i see your art work please? '
Leo : ' For what? '
Clarine : Rolling my eyes ' I just wanna see it. '
Leo : ' Oh ok. '

Then later on i found a this thing you can make snow with. Actually not a real snow, but this fake snow. And one thing about me is i adore snow, but not the cold. So i guess there will never be snow, without the coldness. Then i thought to myself. Lets make a-kind-of-snow! Then i started breaking it into pieces. And i put the pieces together, grab-ed it with my hands, opened my palms, and blew it all. It was snow, and i was sooo happy. Then i realise, that Pak Kris was looking at me and he said ' This is what exactly what kindergarden kids do, they look just like you ' I had to laugh at myself. But i wasnt that funny.

I was bee-oww-arr-dee! Bored, for real.
I had nothing to do. Nobody was talking to me ( I was sitting on the hallway )
And everybody looks like they were having fun with their art work.
So i folded my legs ( It sounds kinda creepy ) And fell asleep.
Then i heard Pak Kris' voice ' Wake up! Its morning already '
Aaaaahh... Disturber!
I smiled and asked.. ' Can i go inside now? '
Then he replied ' Sure '
' Thanks ' another smile popped on my face.
I was so happy. After that Pak Kris spent 15 minutes explaining to us, what to do and bring for next week, and he told us to practice not to speak for five minutes. I though.. Well thats easy, i'll just sleep. When i lay-ed my head on the table and arms. Pak Kris said ' I said practicing not to speak, not practicing your sleeping skills' I was like.. Uh-huh that must be me. Then not long after, the bell rang.
It was break again.

After that it was the boring subjects, which i dont have the story to tell.
Anyway, im not that rebel kinda kid. Nor an emo that seeks attention. Im just a normal kid, with some lazy-ness on me. Its noh-rr-mal.

Well.. Thats all for today.

Guess, Write to you guys later!

Who knew we were living in Forks?


Fa Fa Fa Shion

I do understand that he's a crackhead. But he's too hot to be true. You just gotta love this druggie for a some reason. Right?

Some people adore Agyness Deyn, i do too. She's cool, she's hip. But she's not Lazareanu! Gee, I love her cheek bones so much. And............ She's Doherty's.

Anyway, they are not on TOP of my list.
And sure, they are not good role models, for our life.
But you see fashion blinds it all.


Sow Rey

Wrong typing - The previous post.

What i meant was..
Why cant you just leave my hair alone?
Or something like that.

Boys will never understand Fashion, so shut up Pigs.

First of all.
I just read Putri's blog.
She's so cool! I want to steal your boots Pyut they look so yummy to me.
And God, you're so cool.
And your friends are cool too.
Please, rub off some coolness to me. Hahaha.

Ok, lets pass that.

Anyway, a lot of boys in my school are like

Clar.. I mean, whats the point of your hair? Whats the point of your outfits? It is so weird. Why cant you just slip into a skinny jeans, and a normal tee. Gosh you look so weird

And it goes on Forever!
Can you guys just stop bothering me?
I dont wear just some silly skinny jeans, and a tee. Cos thats not me. I wear complicated things sometime. Or if i slip into something more cozy, thats probably cos im lazy or something. Seriously i have deadly love for dressing up. So i guess, being in casual clothes, is not really my thing.
And i dont have any tees.
And please, you boys will never find, girls' clothes interesting..
Unless you're cool. But this means, that your not even close to cool.

What dont you just leave my hair alone?
And stop punching someone's selfconfidence.


WATCH THIS, if it works ; o

Bloody Puppy!

Omg im craving for a puppy.
And the plan is for me and my friends, to go to Gajah Mada Plaza this week.
To go to some animal shop or something.

The puppy is for my birthday.
Ive been thinking about a name though..
Its either


Can you help me choose a name, by commenting on this post.
I'll love you forever for that, remember?
Til then


BOO for Monday!

Today, i had this exam for high school.
And i cant do the math, like......... i think i'll get zero for math!
But i think i'll get a quite good mark in english, indonesian language, geography, history, and v-sixs.

But the math is totally hard. So i gave up. And ended playing with my juniors.
But i am not that careless. I do care. But i am already accepted in this international school called IICS or Ipeka High International. It is a good school, with a high standard, and the subjects are all in english except indonesian language ofcourse!

Ok forget it, i dont wanna think about it anymore.

I have this hate list.
Well, i actually only hate one person.
Her name is Frisca. Effing Frisca.
She's like this elementary school kid, well wanna-be-cool elementary school kid.
That wants to fit in so bad in my life. I mean, fuck off. I was nice back then.
But you're always disturbing, and i tried to be patient, and not being such a mean senior, because i think its quite tacky. But damn! You're a pain in the ass. Fuck!
Get your own life, with your own friends now. I dont need you. And stop bragging. Like.. If your friend shows her bra, accidently you call her a bitch and blabla. So whatever.. Its like i care. Even if my friends did that, i'll just walk away from the topic. Cos really.. Grow up. Bras can pop accidently you geek. And stop stalking my facebook. Everybody in my grade really effing hates you. And always ask me like

Clarine! Who the hell is Frisca? She's so weird. R u friends with her or something? Its like she follows everything you do! Omg

See, im not the weird one cos im telling you to fuck off. You're the weird one for hating the world, and only wanna be friends with me. Which i dont think i can handle it. Because you hate the world! Try to be nice sometimes. Ive been talking to you for like 8 months, and hated you for like 2 months already. So whatever, im actually not trying to be mean or anything. But this is who i am, i splat the words on the table without actually think about it. I am me. So if you dont like it. Buhbye.

Fuhh... Ok got down, and now im finished with it.

So whats next?

Oh some more hate list!

This hate i have for you fucking people, will still stain here for a bit.
Cant imagine life, without hating you!
Its like, you guys think you're so cool. And i hate that kind of person.
Its so annoying what you guys do. And really, i do this not because of jealousy.
But this is me annoyed with you guys. Maybe i would burn you guys down. But maybe not, not that im afraid of you guys or something, but i still have respect. Uh oh awww nice me. But next time you glare at me, i swear im gonna kick your ass - in a wordey sarcastic way.

Such a boo boo and boring day it is.
Until then

Bah bye

CLARINE! is that picture from your blog?

i guess you're either blind, or you dont have any friend to talk to so you talk to me, or well you just seek attention. But neither of that is working on me.
Fuck off.
Seek reality, seek life you piece of shit!


Video Call

Did it! Finally. Well the lucky person was Brian Tedja, he's funny.

Thats it, ha ha.
Buh bye

Holiday on a Saturday

Hoo ray.
Its holiday today. Thank God! I really need a rest.
The first week of school, was so tiring. And the tic toc, the time didnt pass by very fast, like it used to be. So that means, that i am not having that much fun.
But oh well, i'll have to accept it, wether i like it or not.

Tonight is quite different. Im having a family dinner. Minus my sister.
She always hangs with her friends on a Sunday night, no matter what.
But my plans for karaoke-ing with my friends, was canceled. I predicted that before, though, so it was a no shock.
I enjoyed a great massage today !

It was sooo oo oo relaxing. Finally, after these days.
Anyway, i just read dcma's blog. Cool as always.
Damn, if i was Gc's friends....

That would be Dee-ow-pee-ee! Dope.

Im now listening to 'Damn Girl' by Justin Timberlake. The song is fun.
Everytime, i plan to go somewhere. I always listen to this song. It will boost my confidence.

Hallelujah to Justin! ;DD
I want him, to have his concert here, someday. Though, there's no news about it, yet.
Well lets get the positive side from it.
Nobody will start talking shit about being His number one fan! Although, they're just a fake fan.

Im going on a healthy diet these days.
I eat breakfast, i eat lunch.
But i stop eating after 5 pm. Whatever it is. And i try not to think about food, like i usually do.
I think im kind of obsessed with food before, cos i always plan what to eat, and watch food programs... Especially the travel & living channel.

Whoa, i just got a text message from Sally.
Suggesting that we should go out. We = Clarine, Sally, Devita.
But aww, im so so so sorry Sally. Our plan was cancelled and immediatly, told my mom that im joining her for dinner. When it comes to my mom, there is no turning back.


Well, anyway.
Thats it.

Buoh bouay ;DD


Favorite things, these days


These fingers just cant stop turning this magazine's pages, one by one, by one.
Damn NYLON, you'll screw my school scores.

And, these girls are the only girls i envy.
But these girls are my role model. I am speechless......

And the Hilton Sisters, can crawl to the lowest point of fashion when it comes to these super-oh-i-love-sisters.

They are so.. OH MY GOD.
speechless, again and again and again.

Anyway, need some sleep, before i start envy-ing them too much!

Favorite things, these days


I AM SO SO SORRY for the weird posting, just recently.

I typed it, while watching the telly. So i didnt pay attention at all.
Well, AMEN if you can understand it. Im too lazy, to repeat it.

Buh bye bug.

February, 15

I rumor has spread.

Rihanna's concert, in Jakarta because her Malaysia concert will be February 13.
I guess. Im gonna ask my mom for a meet and greet, cos im having my birthday on the 16th of feb. Wish me luck, on bragging my hardcore brain mummy.

Just wanted to tell you,
tomorrow im going to Grand Indonesia with Jessica Devita and Sally
for the always awesome dinner, and the first time karaoke-ing with them.
Cant wait.
Be there six sharp Sally!
(She's the fashionably late type of person he he, sorry to blab sal)


Huge comeback

Britney Spears was one of my favorite role model back then. She's sweet. She's blonde. She's humble, etc. But after marrying Kevin Ferdeline. Things went from sweet to sour. I mean, if i read a gossip magazine, i think the one we are supposed to blame is Kevin Ferdeline. But last week i read a magazine called OK!, Kevin Ferdeline was having his close up. And he told the magazine, that he tried the best he could with Britney, but things went too crazy for him. And somehow Britney was the one who played behind his back, and did the big D. He was in shock when his lawyer called him, that Britney divorced him. Well.. I think both of them, were kind of lame for the whole marriage thing. But whateverrr! Thats kinda their problem.

Well.. My problem is.. (Which is not really a problem)

She is now coming back with her new album called 'Circus'

I <3 the album so much. That the song keeps twirling around my brain.
My favorite songs from that album is..

- Womanizer
- Circus
- Kill The Lights
- Shattered Glass

I think kill the lights meant the world to her, cos the song is for the paparazzi(s) that followed her everytime, everyday.
If i were Britney, i would kill them already. I dont know how she can stand those flashes and the hard times they give. And the false articles. So people Do not believe, everything you read on a gossip magazine! Exept a close up of course.

This is it for now.

Thankyou for visiting my blog.

uh oh. smooch.


Shut up and read this !

The Ting - Tings. A band from Manchester. Are going to have their first concert in Singapore. This January actually. I want to watch so bad. But its on the weekdays. So i cant watch it. Actually my mom told me

Yah Clar, poor you. Actually if the concert is on a weekend, or a holiday. You can watch it with your friends. But since its on a weekday, you cant. So tell you friend... Hmm whats her name again? Oh iya Devita, that you cannot watch it. But actually i can watch it Muahaha

Mom, dont watch i'll be so jealous!

Well. I dont want to think about it too much. Haha.

Btw, these are the picts ive been dying to post. But was too lazy before. And now since im so frocking bored. I dont mind! ;DD

I look like a boy here.

I love this pict. <33

Jumping up and down. The last night in Singapore.

Here are the picts from Singapore. I have lots lots lots lots of them. But i think im too lazy to post it. Cos it loads too long. Well i guess. Another time, another day maybe :33

To nina : Hey nin, i read your blog today. And i realise, that ive been nothing but an asshole to you this year. Thankyou for forgiving, and you are such an amazing person. And thankyou for changing (into a positive way ofcourse!). Thankyou for supporting my crazy little pixie hair, you are one of the people that didnt give me such a crappy time. Thanks a lot! I love you, tho we are not as close as we used to be. And i am really really sorry, for eating you up alive. I didnt mean to. But you know. Im younger than you. So i guess, im less mature. Thankyou for the amazing Summer Holiday Last Year! It was fun, to tell you the truth. And good luck with your friends. You really fit with them. And i wish you all the best. Happy New 2009 Sabrina ;DD Btw, less cheating on tests this year please, hehe. Smooch!

Bullet For My Valentine

4 February - Bullet For My Valentine, will have their first concert in Jakarta.
And i like them. I know their songs. But i also wanna be their crew.

All ive gotta do is answer the quiz that Javamusikindo post 2 days ago i think.
But i cant answer one of them. Argh.. Im so stressed out. Maybe i'll just go ask Rhandy or something. But im not sure. That Rhandy know tho. Its so hard. So if anyone knows which song does BMFV use for guitar hero, please please please, contact me, or leave a comment. Thankyou! ;DD

------------- Flip flip.

Ok, today was much better than yesterday. Nobody glared at me. Thanks peeps!
I had fun, i laughed so much today with Gita, and Arianto. Gosh.. Theyr so funneh!
So i know i have so much wishes for christmas.
But now i have a new wishlist. Which is a..



Dont look at me that way!

Its the first day of school since last year. (2008)
I know i chopped my hair, a little bit too much.
But soooo what? I like it, and i'll love my hair forever, even tho its not THAT good.
I mean what can i do about it?

Only tiny bitsy of friends are supporting me.
And the rest glared at me like i was bald or something.
Ya know its just a simple thing.

My hair was medium long.
Then i went to the saloon, then with a knife, Hector chopped my hair.
Then my hair became short. A pixie.

I dont think its a big deal.
Some of you guys are over-reacting.
You guys are so tacky. I mean c'mon.. Im bored with your hair, and im bored with mine.
What's wrong with trying something new?
I guess some of you just really dont understand about...... hairs.

F off.



Its been 1 week and so since report. Ive been so lazy. Lazy. Lay-zie.
I used to crave to meet my friends on a holiday season. But dont know why..
I dont crave that much anymore. I wanna see them ofcourse. But like not as much as usually i do.

Its so weird how i feel.
I dont mind - Getting back to school and do my homeworks and all that stuff (HA!)
This is kind of a diff feeling.
This is TOO WEIRD.

Do i love my friends? Yea sure.
Do i miss them? Yes.

But getting back on track is the last thing i wanna do right now.
Back to the old schedule. Back to the " no adventure days ". And everything like that
If someone can just tell me what im feeling right now. Pffft..
I sound really pathetic dont i?

Im just not in the mood.
And + + im so bored.
No lads will cheer me up.

Whatevs. Im going round and round and round.
But atleast i have a few things to cheer to :

1. My new do
2. My new things
3. All the christmas wish - I have it all in my hands now.

So i guess.. I have to be positive today. Wether i like or not.



I can now proudly say, im a brand new 2009 product

whatttttt --------
Its a new year for all of us.
We could be better - Or for Geezsakes we could get worse.
Well it is up to us.

Anyways Happy New Year. Im sorry for the lack of posting these days. I went to Singapore. And had totally forgotten about this site.

Anyways just wanted to tell you.
I am a brand new me.
Well.. My name is still the same tho. HAHAHA so not funny.
Believe it OR not, i chopchopped my hair. From Mid-long-flowy-hair into a Boyish-pixie-not that neat-hair. Hmm.. Stop wondering. I still look like me. Just a little bit boyish and i look a little bit younger than before (Geexx,ThankGod)
I decided to cut my hair the 1st of January. I guess new year brain-washed me. I used to be like "Oh my God,i wanna be pretty" "Geex,look at these arms. So effing big" but now im like "For geekssakes.. I dont care anymore" Well tell you what i was never pretty before and i think i am wasting my time by trying to be something i cannot. Well... I think i can be unique - In my own way,i guess. And then i said to myself What will set you apart from the crowd? What will make you stand out of the crowd? the first thing that popped out of my head was Chop chop - Goodbye boring hair --- Hello Fresh new start! But i was like what kind of hair am i going to cut it into? Then another fresh idea popped. Rihanna's pixie cut. I chose Rihanna's pixie (Not Deyn's or Posh's) because i think Rihanna has that spark,and she's doing her own thing - unlike the others. She doesnt really care what people think of her. As long as she does her own thing. And i think it will be a good inspiration for me. And i mean.. She's a good role model for everyone. So why not kinda be like her? In a good-NORMAL-way. I dont wanna be like this hardcore fan. Its a lil bit creepy i think. And also remembering shes a girl. So i cut my hair the next day without thinking twice.

I cut my hair with Hector. He's like so good.
Like too good to cut my hair actually :DD
but whatever i wanted to make this pixie look good on my head. So i guess its worth it. The first thing that flew over my mind is. THINK POSITIVE. It'll look good. I was distracting myself by Bbm-ing with Sally Ann, Janice BW, and Mirella. They are so suportive (Thankyou peeps) And i think i have this determination to do it. So i was like "Go ahead Hector,you can cut my friggin hair NOW" and then after chop2ing. Washing - Drying - Chopping - Washing - Drying - Chopping. My hair's D O N E :)
and i like it so much. That never ever it slipped on my mind to get a long mid hair. I dont care if i dont have any boyfriend because they dont like my hair. And i dont effing care if my seniors (i truly point this only to the 10th grader 2008-2009) will give me a hard time at school. I Love My New Hair. So i guess.. Rihanna did make a good impact on me. And i hope she'll give you some inspiration somehow,sometime. And the most important thing. Sally Janice Mirella liked it. So i guess.. That's the only opinions i need.

Hmm.. Thats all. Im still tired. I just got back from the airport.
Im gonna take a long long bath. And then i'll play for a lil bit.
Then the zzzzz es begins. So see yaa - when i see ya.

Bye bye.