If you know me really well you'd probably know that dancing has become a part of my life. If you just know my name, you probably know that I somehow dance. If you just see me as the "short haired-girl" that seems to always eat cheese ramen every honor pass, then you would probably see that I like to do my little dance!

Anyways, this picture was taken in Taipei for IASAS Dance. IASAS Dance is basically a dance team that includes 8 main dancers and 3 alternates. This year the captain was Erin wolff with me, Nicola, Jasmine, Patricia, Maria, Jenna and Georgie as the main dancers and Sherstin, Imogen, and Anna as the alternates. The process was to have to audition to get into the team. We auditioned on November and there were dancers that auditioned to be in the IASAS team. Then December came and it was finalized who was in and who was out.

January was the month we started planning things, what's the theme and who's going to be what.
Finally we decided to do Alice in Wonderland which was inspired by the Tim Burton's version. With Erin as Alice, me as The Queen of Hearts, Jenna; Nicola; Jasmine and Patty as rabbits, Maria as the mad hatter and the rest to be the creatures of the wonderland!

We went to taipei after 3 months of training everyday and it was a huge success! I could not be more proud of myself and my girls. I hope I will make it to the team again next year. It is such an inspiring experience!
So I just came back from Bali, last friday for spring break with friends. It was so much fun and it had so much memories that I probably won't ever forget! This picture was taken in Conrad while the rest of the people were playing water sports. I am for sure going back to Bali next year for spring break! But.. I AM PEELING RIGHT NOW. Yes kid, sunscreen INDEED IS important! At least I learned a lesson. (I am counting this as a productive trip).

So a few things have changed since I came back. Definitely a new perspective of love, friends and life! Needless to say though I went straight back to dancing with a couple of buddies. We have our last IASAS Dance performance for Alice in Wonderland. I honestly cannot wait! I miss dancing and my girlies! Forever young, forever love.



It's a monday but I got a day off. So it has been pretty good besides all the homeworks I have to do that is placed right in front of my face. Last week I celebrated my 15th birthday with good friends, I indeed had lots of fun. I just wanted to thank you all my friends for being able to come and celebrate it with me. I love you all.