oh sweet geezus. can a shoe actually break your heart? ..... yes, they can apparently. snap!

ps. can someone tell me where i could buy the real doc martens? cause i saw the fake ones at pedder red, they disgust me.


if you think you're cool. open this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gDBu-hX0Itg, she's going to blow your mind! and the guitar is sooo fresh. i am a bit jealous. btw if you think you're a total nerd, think twice baby. i re-played this song for 40 times today.
just the same group of people who always makes me pumped up on summer seasons. but this year there are no drama (almost none. there's one for me). no romance between the regular ones (i think you know what i mean). no flirting. just fun! you see the reason i really like this crowd is that we're old friends and we rarely see each other. but once you put us in the same room, you'll get use all excited and you know we just start to have fun!! and as you can see well.. the only girls there are me and sabrina, sabrina's there because she's a close friend of mine (duh) and she really fits the boys. and with the boys, to tell you the truth, i think i'm more fond on bonding with boys rather than girls. boys are like care-free and they just want to have fun and they don't care what people think about them. but girls............. ugh. they piss me off. some girls actually, not all. so that's all. take care. see ya... when i see ya.


i did some serious spy today. wow........ no. not really. i just went on the normal spy web which is google. you really find literally everything there. last saturday night a friend of mine introduced me to a new band called cash cash. i have to admit i only have one song: party in your bedroom. but it blew my mind. nina likes the autotune. i like the over all cause i suck at music spying haha. you should check them out at youtube. you will fall in love.

There's a party in your bedroom all night long. There's a lot talk about you.

thankyou rhandy.
google is freakishly amazing. i had the worse day today. and this picture reminds me of my friends hahaha sorry guys but you guys are... like this. but it's not the end of the day yet.. so i'm hoping a little bit of progress tonight. wish me luck hairy dwarfs.

ps. can anyone make me this green dwarf costume for halloween? it would be the shizz of my year. spotlight people, spotlight.


The room is pretty much all dark right now.
They left me alone here sitting infront of the computer.
While they're probably sleeping upstairs.
seriously.. am i really adopted?
stupid. good night.
hello starsss!

I seriously laughed way too much today!
I had fun at Nina's house today. Thanks for letting me crash!
Oh! and today I recieved this letter with 10 free fro-yo tickets!
I love fro-yo, you crazy!
I'm going to share the tickets with Nina.
And probably some of the boys tomorrow. (.... maybe not for the boys.)
God bless Santa Claus.
ps. Thanks for the brownies bitch! And the poopie session. :-)


I don't know what sisters are for right now. But if you think I'm going to be your shoulder to cry on after he tears you apart, the answer is no.


Good night. Sleep tight. Rest in Peace.

Ritz Carlton - JW Marriott bomb.
Friday, 17 of July 2009.

I clearly have no nice words to type right now.
But I'm pretty sure I'm going to dissapoint mama if I start swearing like an idiot.
This bomb ruined the whole long weekend for me!

Saturday. Well I have no plans actually, wait... I do. Going to meet my old friends at a cafe for dinner tomorrow. Well right now I'm pretty sure their parent's are scared to death to let their kids go and since there's another bomb threat and a warning to make people stay away from malls (pi,gi,pp,fx), clubs and cafes. CAFES. Perfect timing. Ha!

Sunday. Oh die. die die die you freakishly super annoying terrorist. I was supposed to attend a meet and greet with the whole member of Manchester United's soccer team. It's like a chance in a life time..... When will you have another chance to meet the oh so hot soccer players like Rooney and Nani? Well I can't do that now because
1. Manchester United canceled their trip to Jakarta for a friendly soccer match with Indonesia's national soccer team. Which is obviously the right choice for them except if they want to get killed.
2. The meet and greet was placed at Ritz Carlton ballroom. Yeah, right. The place is probably only pieces by now.

Monday. THIS IS LIKE THE DAY I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR SOOO LONG. The plan was to watch the football match with my boy friends (Nico, Pras, Raoul and Brian) alongside with my family and it was supposed to be fun right? And we all got the chance to watch Manchester United's last practice before the match. How cool is that?

Well now........... Goodbye to my childhood dream of meeting the member of Manchester United.
Those terrorists crushed my chilhood dreams and crushed my country. Die you, die.

ps. Dad is fine. People ask sooo much about him. (He got hit by JW Marriott's first bomb attack and the Australian Embassy attack.) But let's all pray for his friends that got hit. One of my dad's friends passed away today from the attack and a few are injured. RIP and get well soon.



Hello hottie. <3


I am so excited. Yet so confused.

Which school should I go to? Hm. Hm. Hm. Still can't decide.


like a comet
blazing 'cross the evening sky
gone too soon

like a rainbow
fading in the twinkling of an eye
gone too soon

shiny and sparkly
and splendidly bright
here one day
gone one night

like the loss of sunlight
on a cloudy afternoon
gone too soon

like a castle
built upon a sandy beach
gone too soon

like a perfect flower
that is just beyond your reach
gone too soon

born to amuse, to inspire, to delight
here one day
gone one night

like a sunset
dying with the rising of the moon
gone too soon

The Apollo Theater Legend. The King of Pop. The moonwalker. The Jackson 5 kid.
The guy that sang my childhood soundtrack and made it perfect.
Michael Jackson RIP