It's been only half the year, but 2010 has given me so many things. Friendship, love, experience, adventures.. You name it. I have never smiled so much in such a short period of time. This year I learned that friendship is not only being there when we need each other, but to also spend time with the people that we call "friends". I can mumble all day long about how great my friends are everyday - cause really, they are amazing. I am so lucky to be a part of their lives and to actually mean something to someone. To me, my friends are home. So many happened in 6 months. Fights, make ups, laughs, tears, hugs, kisses. I honestly think I can't be happier. I am so grateful. So, so, so, so, grateful for them. Finally I found home.

And as for love. Oh god, it's been an amazing 3 month. I could never ask for anything better or anyone better to be with. He's amazing - he's all that I need. I have never felt so loved or even love someone this much. Everything seems so easy, yet it's so hard - he seems close, yet he's so far. It's great how something so unpredictable turns out to be amazing. Yes, we have our ups and downs like others, but in the end we would always stick together, no matter what.

At almost the end of summer break. I would like to thank everyone that was or still is a part of my life. I could never ask for anything better. So here's a tribute for you.

Nicola, Jasmine, Janice, Gaby K
and last but not least Hamish.

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